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Over the course of the years we made it possible to grant our customers maximum support by networking with different collegues, each and everyone a specialist in his or her own field of capabilities, supporting the event in a never-seen-before style with incredible flexibility. Depending on the approach needed and budget accessible, we will gladly set up an directing team for your event! For more information, see booking information.

We've been in the event business directing events for almost 20 years and still counting.

With our extensive expertise in staging, stage presence, presentation, coaching and choreography, refined with logical reasoning from the studies of natural and sports sciences, you can be sure to get the leading, utmost artfully compiled package: "Regie with Esprit".

What distinguishes us from the competition is what no pitch-dossiers will ever shed light unto: We lead our customers with regards to adequate conception on stage, giving them precise, comprehensible advice on how to successfully present their event and, most importantly, keeping calm to assure decent focusing on the task at hand and making any event a success on all levels.